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Free Haircuts Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions For Models Attending The Savills Academy

All services provided to models at the Savills Academy are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

As this is a teaching situation, services will most likely take longer than is normal, we advise models to allow at least one hour for your haircut or hot towel wet shave.

The Savills Academy delivers training specifically with regards to men’s hairstyles only. Not generic short hairstyles.

As each Savills Academy course delivers teaching in a certain specialism, we often require a certain existing hairstyle or minimum length of hair in order to deliver the training. Every effort is made to establish this prior to booking in a model, however, we reserve the right to decline to continue the consultation/service with you if your current hair style/length does not suit our learning outcome aims.

We reserve the right to refuse to continue with a consultation/service if we feel that scalp, hair or skin conditions prevent us from doing so, due to health & safety concerns.

We respectfully request that models arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment. As we are working to defined time-scales, failure to do so may result in your appointment slot being taken by another model.

Savills reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. If this occurs, the new T’s & C’s will be published on at the earliest opportunity.

Last Updated: 16/12/2015 (v.1.0.)

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