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Tame Your Tash, Balm Your Beard

Unsurprisingly, we know how much people love going to the barbers. Maybe it’s the friendly atmosphere, the luxurious leather seats or the way the barber perfects the shape of your beard – we’ve never been been able to pin it down to one thing! However, we know as well as you do that you don’t have the time to pay us a visit every time there’s a hair out of place (as much as you’d like to!). So we’ve put together a few tips on how to best care for your beard between trips to the barbers…


Keeping it smooth…


Comb it like it’s 1933



Okay, so maybe don’t comb it that much, but combing your beard helps to keep it smooth and the hair growing in one direction – which is especially useful if you’re still growing it to the length you want. If your beard is on the longer side, it helps to prevent the tangles that make it look messy and unkempt.


Combing is usually done to aid with other upkeep techniques. For example, it’s the perfect way to evenly distribute the beard oil or balm you’re using, making sure it’s spread throughout your hair and gets right down to the roots. These handmade ox horn combs are all available at Savills Barbers.


Oil, balm and wax



Oil and balm are as much intended to keep your hair healthy as they are to keep it smooth, but healthy and soft hair is less unruly and therefore much easier to keep looking great between trips to the barbers.


Beard oil is perfect for beards of all lengths. It contains a mixture of moisturising oils, and essential oils (which give it its fragrance). While you wash the hair on your head to prevent it from getting oily, facial hair is a different kind of hair (known as androgenic) that needs moisture adding to it to prevent it from drying out. Beard oil hydrates the hair, which keeps it soft – and also moisturises your skin.


Applying beard oil should be a daily part of your beard care routine and it’s best done just before you go to bed; the oil has hours to soak in and hydrate your hair. Wash your beard first, then apply the oil. Make sure you get it through all your beard, using a comb to spread it evenly.


Beard balm contains the same hydrating oils as beard oil, but it also has shea butter and beeswax. While beard oil helps to moisturise your skin, the shea butter in balm does so even more. It’s important to keep the skin underneath your beard healthy to prevent the fearsome ‘beardruff’!


The beeswax in beard balm is a styling agent that helps to smooth the hairs and keep your beard looking great. Because it’s part-moisturiser-part-styling-agent, balm is best suited to medium or long beards. Apply the beard balm in the morning, combing your beard into a smooth style. The balm will dry without leaving any residue (assuming you’ve got a proper beeswax balm) and keep your beard under control all day.


Moustache and beard wax is different from oil and balm because it doesn’t look to hydrate or moisturise your hair. Instead, beard wax is intended purely to get that perfect style. It’s largely used to shape moustaches, but if you have particularly unruly facial hair, it’s really useful to keep your beard under control too. You shouldn’t just use wax, as it doesn’t contain the necessary oils to keep your beard healthy; start with beard balm to hydrate and then finish off your style with wax.


Scrub Up


Perhaps it goes without saying, but you need to wash your beard. Did you ever read Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’? No barber wants to be faced with a beard like that! (Although, don’t get us wrong, no beard is too much for us to tackle!) When you wash your beard, make sure you use a proper shampoo or soap intended for beards. As we’ve said, beard hair is different from that on your head so it needs different treatment. Normal shampoo, or even worse, normal soap, will dry it out.


Wash your beard at the end of the day to get rid of any wax or balm that’s been keeping it smooth. Wax residue could clog your pores and irritate your skin. Follow your scrub by applying some beard oil to hydrate the hairs.



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Shaving Specialist Course


Most people won’t need to trim their beards between trips to the barbers, but it depends on how often your visit and how quickly your hair grows. We wouldn’t recommend that you buy an electric beard razor and go freehand because it’s very risky! If you slip, you could take a chunk out of your beard that might take a long time to regrow!


If you do need to trim between visits, however, a pair of beard or moustache scissors is the way to go. Use a comb to find those pesky hairs that grow too fast or in the wrong places and trim them with your scissors. It’s an easy way to keep your style under control when you’ve still got a couple of weeks until your next appointment!


Following these simple care tips will help you to keep your beard looking fabulous between trips to the barbers. At Savills we have a bespoke retail area that stocks a host of professional grade beard and moustache preparations including Sheffield’s own Edwin Jagger’s range of shaving hardware and grooming products. Next time you pay us a visit take a peek at our range and don’t be afraid to ask or barbers for advice. That’s what we are here for…