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Autumn Musings……..Life is too Short to Smoke Bad Cigars’

As the cooler Autumn weather sets in it's time to look at some great new world cigars cigars available at Savills Barbets to help you beat the chill……….

According to Ernesto Che Guevara, “A habitual and extremely important complement in the life of a guerrilla is smoking cigars, for the smoke that he can expel in moments of relaxation is a great companion to the lonely soldier.” as he contemplated guerrilla warfare in Cuba.

Back in the 15th century it was that serial importer of new world commodities Chris Columbus who discovered tobacco and, seeing how native South Americans loved it decided to ship it back in the massive quantities. The Mayan verb "sikar" meaning "to smoke" later became the Spanish noun cigarro which translated into the English cigar. The English at once took to smoking cigars but we had to import it from our then nemesis Spain as the English climate did not support cultivation here. Solution? We grew it in the new English territory of Virginia in the American new colonies and it fast become the colony’s largest export. Unfortunately, even through many attempts we could not produce a variety as good as the Cuban variety even when the same seeds were used, and today Cuban cigars are still revered as the best in the world. Following the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960’s , President Kennedy unleashed a trade embargo on Cuba (but not before stockpiling his favourite Havanas according to his press secretary) which is still in place today, meaning that you can’t buy Cuban cigars in the USA. We have many students who visit our barbering academy from the US and instantly hone in on our humidor fully stocked with the best Cuban cigars, before choosing their favourites like kids in a sweet shop.

At Savills we import our cigars via England’s oldest cigar importer to ensure authentic and high quality varieties. They are all stored in our humidor, with prices to suit all pockets. Here’s a few tips incase you fancy popping in to make a selection:-

Tubos are those cigars that come packaged in an aluminium or plastic tube which will help keep the cigar as fresh as possible, however it can mean that the cigar is older and like most goods, a cigar is considered at its best when it is newer. However, there are some cigars that are ‘aged’ like wine to enhance their flavour.

  • Before a cigar can be smoked it usually has to be cut which can be a fiddly process. At Savills we do stock guillotine cigar cutters which are recommended by the experts. Cutting leaves a clean, circular hole that gives an ample of drawing power. It also avoids the accumulation of tars near the head that results to a smoother, better tasting smoke.

  • If you love cigars as much as we do it is worth investing in a humidor in which to keep them. A good humidor will maintain a 69F temperature and a 70-75% humidity. They look great and are a great subject of conversation!

  • When lighting your cigar hold it away from your mouth and rotate the cigar slowly. The heat must be applied only long enough to get no more than half of the end to lit. To produce an even burning coal, blow gently towards the end of the cigar. Continue to puff and rotate the cigar until the end is completely lit.

  • Finally, the most important thing to consider is how a cigar tastes to you when it is smoked. Something that is very personal and subjective. The best cigar, regardless of price or reputation is the one that you enjoy the most.

So if you are over 18 and you want to pop buy to see what we have to offer, please feel free to at:

Savills Mens Hairdressing Ltd, 114-118 Devonshire Street , Sheffield, S3 7SF

Tel: 01142761011

Mobile: 07983609585 – Annabel Stonehouse - Davies

Mobile: 07775800726 – Joth Davies

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