Savills Barbers

Required Equipment

Equipment Required For Advanced Barber and Clipper Course:-


  • Matador MC45 Giant Weaver
  • Matador MC1 Master Barber
  • Wahl Barber Comb Small
  • Wahl Clipper Comb Medium


  • Denman D3 Medium
  • Vent Brush


  • Shavette razor ~ for neck line shaving
  • Sedef Turkish Razor and replacement Derby blades


  • Scissors and thinning Scissors (TRI 650 recommended)
  • Wahl Clippers ~ super taper, icon’s or magic clip
  • Wahl Detailers ~ sterling, hero, detailers

Equipment Required For Shaving Course:-

  • Wahl Clippers and Detailers
  • Cutting Combs as above
  • Razor: Feather Artist Club DX or Feather Artist Club SS (see razors and blades below)

Here’s a link to the razors we suggest:

Any of the feather Artist range are 100% the best for wet shaving, they are expensive but you will only buy it once.

This is the link for their blades:

We suggest the pro guard blades to start with and then move up to the professional blades when your confidence grows..

NB: Please do purchase the equipment needed well in advance to the start of your course. If you attend the course without the necessary equipment, we may be able to provide you with some of the tools required, however, this may incur a charge for blades etc.

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